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Nov 23, 2008

Big Boss ‘BHAIYA’

All is well if it ends well. After an eventful stay of 98 days on the TV reality show, a ‘BHAIYA’ from Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh was crowned as the Big Boss. The show had its share of controversies shooting up the TRPs like a wild tide. Every tadaka was used to spice up its programming. From Monica Bedi’s rhetoric about her relationship with Abu Salem to Rahul Mahajan’s antics, Big Boss bossed its mark on the viewers.

It seems the best and unexpected was preserved for the climax. The unceremonious exit of the favorite Rahul Mahajan may have shocked many. But his exit speech was no less than the sermon from a man whose only salvation was to help someone hailing from a humble background. In the end it was a dhaba owner from Saharanpur who won his second Reality TV show. And Ashutosh Kaushik thanked Mahajan ‘BHAIYA’ for his support and help in winning the show.

But will this win impact the politics in the state? where there are parties trying to divide Uttar Bhartiya & Marathi. What will happen to the Marathi manus Rahul Mahajan? he is guilty of supporting Ashutosh Kaushik an Uttar Bharity. Will some Sena destroy the spirit of this man (uttar bhartiya man) who wants to make big in the star studded world of Bollywood? Will this show from next year have some reservations for Marathi manus because its shot in Mumbai?
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