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Mar 31, 2009

Love you Dad...

Its been long since I embraced him,
when I had fear he was near,
his hug would embrace all my troubles,
his love was my strength & he was a guiding light,
leaving him would give me fright.

Time changed & many years have gone,
I am stronger & he is frail,
Promises were broken as memories trail,
Love was not lost, it was denied,
He was still waiting, why didn’t I try...

Circumstances changed & he was needed,
Still he opened his arms & embraced,
I missed him, yes I did,
he is what I want to be...

Missed you Dad...

Mar 27, 2009


So what are your plans for day after tomorrow ?…well I don’t know what I will do tomorrow ?…the day after is too far to even think off ?

How can someone be so unplanned ? still I envy this attitude. It’s a style statement of people who truly live in the Present. They enjoy and live every moment of now. Challenges excite them, as they untangle the knot in the Present. Strangely the day’s balance sheet is always tallying. Assets and liabilities are matched, debits and credits are evened out. The end result is usually a peaceful sleep.

Present is the moment of glory. The road between future plans and past lessons is tiresome and unending. Living in the Present on this road can smoothen the journey.

Mar 26, 2009


What is destiny ? Two people born at different time, different place and in different family end up in the same place at the same time and meet the same fate... an end unforeseen by many soothsayers.

I question the theory behind destiny and the ones predicting it when I read the news reports… “Many die in the serial bomb blasts in Delhi”.

They were all very different, some were atheist, some extremely religious…their destiny were known to none except the ones targeting them !… but were they all destined to be there at the same place and at the same time ?

If it is true that destiny is what we make out of it, then how come we all end up doing things we never planned to ? Who controls this element of uncertainty ? If it was known then this too would have been controlled by the ones who planned the serial bomb blasts…

Mar 25, 2009


How can he? He is wrong! He has no right to do this…

One of the most natural instincts of humans is to judge and pass a verdict. Judging comes naturally to all of us. It starts from the moment when we learn to think. Its a God gift to the mankind who derives pleasure in being a critic. It gives an instant shot of ego. Its simple, easy and extremely satisfying, especially when we assume a position of a Judge (not referee). Opinions are natural when meant for others, detaching I from them is simple and even simpler is passing a verdict on them.

Its them and not I who is judged, I is judging. Who then judges I ? Can I judge himself ? Can I be unbiased in judging I?

Judging is an art of taking a stand or having an opinion with the moral obligation of being unbiased, can one take a stand with no bias?

Mar 22, 2009

Radhe Radhe

His eyes were magical, all of a sudden I was lost…
forgot all my worries and pain,

Even forgot what I wanted from him…
just kept looking in his eyes…
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