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Mar 25, 2009


How can he? He is wrong! He has no right to do this…

One of the most natural instincts of humans is to judge and pass a verdict. Judging comes naturally to all of us. It starts from the moment when we learn to think. Its a God gift to the mankind who derives pleasure in being a critic. It gives an instant shot of ego. Its simple, easy and extremely satisfying, especially when we assume a position of a Judge (not referee). Opinions are natural when meant for others, detaching I from them is simple and even simpler is passing a verdict on them.

Its them and not I who is judged, I is judging. Who then judges I ? Can I judge himself ? Can I be unbiased in judging I?

Judging is an art of taking a stand or having an opinion with the moral obligation of being unbiased, can one take a stand with no bias?


annie said... itz ma blog

annie said...

i dnt knw mere pehley comments miley ye nahi..but itz a good article...u r ritewho have power to judge they give there jugdement easily as there job..but is it really simple to judge anyone...

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