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Mar 27, 2009


So what are your plans for day after tomorrow ?…well I don’t know what I will do tomorrow ?…the day after is too far to even think off ?

How can someone be so unplanned ? still I envy this attitude. It’s a style statement of people who truly live in the Present. They enjoy and live every moment of now. Challenges excite them, as they untangle the knot in the Present. Strangely the day’s balance sheet is always tallying. Assets and liabilities are matched, debits and credits are evened out. The end result is usually a peaceful sleep.

Present is the moment of glory. The road between future plans and past lessons is tiresome and unending. Living in the Present on this road can smoothen the journey.

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Shuchita Vatsal said...

Yes..Its a tough job but whenever I see butterfly..My faith that we must live every moment of life to fullest becomes deeper.. Butterfly,who is busy wandering on a flower;enjoying its nectar & fragrance..who is busy adding to colours & aesthetics to world..Is so contented n happy with present.
If she would ever think of the future.. Will she be happy?..Not at all. Then,the fear of 'end of life' coming nearer & nearer would have taken,all her Happiness away. Happy moments of present would be good memories of past, Some day..!
We must create a beautiful picture of present..So we may frame it some day & put it on the wall.

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