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Mar 26, 2009


What is destiny ? Two people born at different time, different place and in different family end up in the same place at the same time and meet the same fate... an end unforeseen by many soothsayers.

I question the theory behind destiny and the ones predicting it when I read the news reports… “Many die in the serial bomb blasts in Delhi”.

They were all very different, some were atheist, some extremely religious…their destiny were known to none except the ones targeting them !… but were they all destined to be there at the same place and at the same time ?

If it is true that destiny is what we make out of it, then how come we all end up doing things we never planned to ? Who controls this element of uncertainty ? If it was known then this too would have been controlled by the ones who planned the serial bomb blasts…


Puneet Tandon said...

Destiny is what we create for ourselves every minute of the day its just that its a little ahead of us and our karma. What we do will result in something if we do right/good or worng/bad it will result accordingly. So we are creating destiny but its a bit ahead of us and we dont know what it is. If it favourable we give/get praise if not we will blame to destiny. But the fact is we did not do something as it was required to give ideal result so it goes against us and very comfortably becomes destined but then we created that too.

We decide to jump in a deep ditch and get hurt it was not destined but we created it by the thought of jumping into the ditch. Hope that explains. Of course life is not as simple as jumping in a ditch and getting hurt which is more instant but there are other efforts we are making over a longer period of time and what is the outcome or the destiny is ahead of that. Once we finish for whatever time it takes we will see the results and thats destiny worked on by you but you do not know since always ahead of you once you have FINISHED with your efforts on what you have set out to do destiny unfolds for you to see. So next time if good happens dont praise yourself too much and certainly if bad happens dont blame it to destiny which conveniently happens most of the time.

Priyanka said...

I always thought destiny wad what i will shape it to be... I always thought life will be what i want it to be... unfortunately its the other way round...we are what destiny shapes us to be and wants us to Nicky and Puneet...i dint shape it this shaped me the way i turned out to be...

Puneet Tandon said...

Hmmm....well Priyanka "DESTINY IS WHAT I WILL SHAPE IT TO BE" I am sorry but if you thought so you set out to do that with an element of arrogance in approach and sense of control over your destiny. It is not to be that way and I do not suggest one can shape it the way one wants with what I wrote earlier, If one could shape it the way one wants then you would know your destiny before it unfolds and you can never ever rob destiny of its mystery element, which can never be the case. What I am referring to here is a very deep and natural belief in Karma, I am referring to our natural progression along with our circumstance and limitations and the best we can do within that. What you wanted to be/do and did not happen but "what happened to you is inspite of that" and thats the circumstances/situations that led you to do what you did. So unknowingly you still did everything to see the results the way they are for you now or so will be in future. Certainly life is not what you may have wanted it to be but whatever you did still lead to what it is....your destiny unfolding with the element of mystery and how could you knowingly shape it to what you wanted it to be it has to be inspite of you not knowing and doing your duty of Karma which is also acceptance of realities/circumstances/situations/events etc etc..isnt it? You do come in this world in a certain set of circumstances and its your Karma from there on. What you think to use hindi term "vichar" is also a part of Karma good "vichar" or bad is also a part of Karma and has its place in your destiny because what you think good or bad is also an action you do within your mind. You may not act upon that but still you did the Karma to think. A small role but that too has its place in your destiny.

To sum it think whatever you want to its important and when I say whatever I mean W H A T E V E R let you mind flow freely to whatever it wants to think and anything its important for growth and to clear your thoughts and to get clarity in anything that you want do or may be just think or imagine about, without being conscious of destiny. Be natural. Apart from the essential need of a free flow thinking which is also so important for a sense of liberation it is also an important part of self realization and thats so important in life. Thinking and Realization has an important connect and realization/acceptance is something we should all be always open to at all times in our lives and let it never be clouded by our ego.

Do the best Karma you can in the circumstances and enjoy life to the fullest, dont harm anyone neither yourself and dont be too conscious of your destiny. It is a beautiful gift from God with lots of surprise welcome it and accept it with Grace even if its not what you wanted and you never know one day you may even get what you always wanted the most something you never believed you would but could only come from GOD.

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