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Apr 30, 2009

'Newsroom Fidayeens'

What motivates these guys? Money. Creativity, the rush of adrenaline, or the purpose of giving back something to the society…

Welcome to the newsroom, a place where every event is tracked, every news is monitored, every statement is evaluated and then assessed… But who does all this ?

Well they are the crazy bunch of guys who call themselves and incidentally even the outsiders address them as journalists.

These fidayeens can even embarrass the ones with Taliban… The television news fidayeens have an impact which is beyond imagination. Their thinking penetrates every household 24*7. They are governed by a main body who is governed by the TRPs. Television rating points is the double edged sword that can strike the journalists and the viewers at one go.

Again it’s the newsroom that is the scabbard for this TRP sword. The Fidayeens of newsroom sharpen this sword…It’s a nonstop high pressure job where every second is calculated and every word evaluated…
The prerequisites for this esteemed assignment are passion for news, out of the box imagination, adequate writing skills and off course detachment from the family…(one more fidayeen trait).
So back to the main question what really motivates these Fidayeens ?

Ok let the Fidyeen answer himself and this is what he said “Pataa nahin bas mazaa aata hai’.

Apr 3, 2009

Election Debate

“Its time for a short break thanks so much for joining us tonight”, as the guests walkout of our studio, I realize the main purpose of this discussion was defeated.

Two leaders from the two main political parties of the country raised their baritones, fought, accused & did everything to prove a point! But what was the point they wanted to prove? Was this a debate? Where were the issues that are affecting the people of this country? Were they addressing the masses or just each other?

This was the first show of our special coverage on Indian Parliamentary Elections 2009. Ironically our esteemed guests still discussed the issues of the elections held in 2004. They are elected by the masses but strangely they address the political classes.

India is no longer a country isolated from the world, every global phenomena impacts its people, whether it is the spill over from the global meltdown or the security threats from most volatile neighboring state. Yet the political class finds it more comforting to discuss religion or castism.

It is convenient to blame the torch bearers of politics for ignoring the issues affecting the masses. But are we not the ones who elect them every time? As the representative of the largest democracy its our responsibility to make it the strongest democracy in the world.

May be then we can see an Indian Obama and Indian McCain debating on a television channel!
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