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May 1, 2009


Viewers despise it, when the program is griping but I feel blessed to have long commercial breaks when I am anchoring... For a channel its a healthy signal, long commercial breaks always mean higher revenue. For a discussion based news show these breaks can be great source of ‘tadka’ in the creative content.

Much earlier in my career as a journalist I learned the importance of off-the-record sound bytes (interview when the camera is not rolling), it was a back-up weaponry of every reporter who wanted to be different. Similarly in a television news show the conversation with the guests during a commercial break always brings out an element of surprise and humor.

Today was the day of the third phase of polling for Loksabha elections in the country and while anchoring the live show I discovered some interesting facts about the politicians… courtesy the chats with guests during the long commercial breaks.

It was interesting to know that a senior politician hates to cast his vote in hot summers. His daughter is always ready with a magical spray for his face, to give him much needed freshness. One of the chief ministers in the country is on dieting spree. And some of the youth icons in Indian politics are remote controlled by their political managers. Well these are some of the facts worth mentioning here & off course in keeping with the tradition of a true journalist the source of information is not disclosed.

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