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Apr 30, 2009

'Newsroom Fidayeens'

What motivates these guys? Money. Creativity, the rush of adrenaline, or the purpose of giving back something to the society…

Welcome to the newsroom, a place where every event is tracked, every news is monitored, every statement is evaluated and then assessed… But who does all this ?

Well they are the crazy bunch of guys who call themselves and incidentally even the outsiders address them as journalists.

These fidayeens can even embarrass the ones with Taliban… The television news fidayeens have an impact which is beyond imagination. Their thinking penetrates every household 24*7. They are governed by a main body who is governed by the TRPs. Television rating points is the double edged sword that can strike the journalists and the viewers at one go.

Again it’s the newsroom that is the scabbard for this TRP sword. The Fidayeens of newsroom sharpen this sword…It’s a nonstop high pressure job where every second is calculated and every word evaluated…
The prerequisites for this esteemed assignment are passion for news, out of the box imagination, adequate writing skills and off course detachment from the family…(one more fidayeen trait).
So back to the main question what really motivates these Fidayeens ?

Ok let the Fidyeen answer himself and this is what he said “Pataa nahin bas mazaa aata hai’.


आशीष जैन said...

u r rit sir ......ashish

kamya bhattacharya said...

this 1 is very nice and true too...maza to aata hai....

Svetlana said...

confessions of a dangerous mind, eh?? i think we can lay lil more emphasis on "creativity" and "out of the box imagination".. you guys exhibit these particular 'qualities' more often than not

Shuchita Vatsal said...

Wish we have more of these Fidayeens-THE TRUE JOURNALISTS...
It's one of the toughest job to be a News-editor & presenter.People rate News readers with type of news they present.For lay-man the NEWS READER is whole & sole of a News channel.TRP's add on to channel fame but little mistakes & bad news' credit goes to the person who reads it which is most Ironical.Can imagine how much a idealogical thinker & journalist has to strive to expose the truth.
Don't worry about TRPs: Whatever is given, Indian viewers relishes it. At least your fans would.
But try to create good tastes.
We all will support you.
You all have great creative power to enhance this world.. You make Heros n Zeros.. Build public opinions and trends..
If I could ever get a chance to help such a Creative-fidayeen even from most unrecognised stage,I would like to do so.
We need more of your craze.It's our pleasure to listen & see to your work & enthusiasm.. Best wishes

Rajiv Dutta said...

Don't you worry sir as more of these "Fidayeens" you call are still under manufacturing, and i hope soon they will be working shoulder to shoulder with you guys in the favor of society but if given a chance?

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