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May 28, 2009

Corridors of memories

As I walk past the corridors of memories, I realize I walked quite a mile, yet the road looks less traveled.

There were days which were difficult and then there were days that were comfortable. As I stand in the middle of this road, it seems every day was just a bend in the road. It was my stride that made them different.

There are miles to go and every bend gets steeper. I need to go through this road as the lesson of life becomes clearer.

May 21, 2009

Introspect !

So this is how I look at it. Surely there is a problem but with every problem there is solution too. Its comfortable to just look at the problem and question why me ?

How can I come out of that problem ? Who will help me in finding the solution ?
None !
But why ? I have helped many. Why cant someone help me ?
Because they are not suppose to...
Why not ?
They dont owe it to you...

Ya, but atleast someone can ?

Now even i wont help anyone ?

But I need a friend ?
No you dont...
Someone with whom I can share ?
So its not a friend but a companion you need...

Ya may be ?
Ok then when you find one will you be happy...

No you wont be !

Why ?
Because someday even that companion will go ! Then what ?

Then will you ask for one more companion

And what if when he/she too will go ?

Then what should I do ?
What does that mean ?

I am alone and I need someone ?
Are you realy alone ?

Yes ! ?
No you are not...

No I am...
Were you alone when you were born ?

No you were not ?

How ?
Your conscience was and is always with you...

So ?
Listen to it ! Understand it...
Understand ? What is concience ?
Its that sound which knocks you from within...

How ?
When you do something wrong, something write...

Can I feel it ?
you always do...

No ?
Yes you do but you ignore it...

When, how ?
When you are greedy, when you know its not going to work, when you think that you should not do what you are doing...

How will I know its conscience and not greed knocking from within ?
The way you are able to answer all your questions now...

Is this my conscience answering?
Yes and it knocks when you are honest to yourself...

May 15, 2009

Date (Tareekh)

Tareek pe tareekh… the date-game goes on… Now I am able to understand the significance of dates.

Oh yes ! I still remember my ‘first date’ but that was just the beginning…Well dating is not what I am thinking right now.

I am trying to understand how a particular date make a difference in our lives ?

Dates are a cocktail of time, moments and events. The dates gone by are a bundle of memories which heal, teach, inspire and makes us wiser. The dates to come are a source of hope they give a reason to get up every morning and do something to meet the deadline.

Every date is unique, it can bring a moment of glory or a day of disappointment & then its time to look upto the next date. So I repeat Tareek pe tareekh… the date-game goes on… as I have one more date in the court.

May 1, 2009


Viewers despise it, when the program is griping but I feel blessed to have long commercial breaks when I am anchoring... For a channel its a healthy signal, long commercial breaks always mean higher revenue. For a discussion based news show these breaks can be great source of ‘tadka’ in the creative content.

Much earlier in my career as a journalist I learned the importance of off-the-record sound bytes (interview when the camera is not rolling), it was a back-up weaponry of every reporter who wanted to be different. Similarly in a television news show the conversation with the guests during a commercial break always brings out an element of surprise and humor.

Today was the day of the third phase of polling for Loksabha elections in the country and while anchoring the live show I discovered some interesting facts about the politicians… courtesy the chats with guests during the long commercial breaks.

It was interesting to know that a senior politician hates to cast his vote in hot summers. His daughter is always ready with a magical spray for his face, to give him much needed freshness. One of the chief ministers in the country is on dieting spree. And some of the youth icons in Indian politics are remote controlled by their political managers. Well these are some of the facts worth mentioning here & off course in keeping with the tradition of a true journalist the source of information is not disclosed.
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