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May 15, 2009

Date (Tareekh)

Tareek pe tareekh… the date-game goes on… Now I am able to understand the significance of dates.

Oh yes ! I still remember my ‘first date’ but that was just the beginning…Well dating is not what I am thinking right now.

I am trying to understand how a particular date make a difference in our lives ?

Dates are a cocktail of time, moments and events. The dates gone by are a bundle of memories which heal, teach, inspire and makes us wiser. The dates to come are a source of hope they give a reason to get up every morning and do something to meet the deadline.

Every date is unique, it can bring a moment of glory or a day of disappointment & then its time to look upto the next date. So I repeat Tareek pe tareekh… the date-game goes on… as I have one more date in the court.


Muky Bhai said...

taareq se umeed kyaam rehti hai ....ummed se vishwaas ....viswaas se hee insaan

Puneet Tandon said...

All the best for that date in the court.

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