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Jun 3, 2009


“Curry bashing in Australia continues, one more Indian student stabbed”, “LeT founder Hafiz Saeed set free in Pak”, “China makes a naval base near Srilanka”… Ok we’ve had it enough, for how long and how much can we tolerate? When will India react? When will Indians react? JAAGO INDIA JAAGO!

For the new govt the honeymoon is over…we expect a befitting reply. Enough of diplomacy, now its time for some straight talking. If that is not enough then some tough actions too, to wakeup our eventful neighbors.

Its high time… we need to understand that nobody can help us to solve our problems. We need to defend ourselves. What has talking yielded? Creating International pressure and using diplomatic channels has never been enough! If someone slaps us and our guest then should we ask others to warn the offender? If we visit a friend’s house and his family goes on bashing us then should we talk to the friend or first defend ourselves (in this case attack is the best defense). JAAGO INDIA JAAGO.

Is there something wrong in being more competent? Is it wrong to save money and then have the luxury to spend it the way we want to? We are the major contributors in Australian economy, is this our mistake? If not then Aussies have no right to treat Indians like this. And Indian govt shouldn’t have waited for 100 killings in twelve months to finally react vocally. Also the problem lies in our mindset. We Indians have a fascination for foreign shores, strangely we try to be a better second class citizen in a foreign country then a good first class citizen in our own country.

We have talked enough! We talk when we are attacked, we talk when we are bombarded, we talked when were kidnapped and we talked when the whole nation was held to ransom on 26/11. And this what too much talking does...”LeT founder Hafiz Saeed set free in Pak”. Well we talked when our Parliament was attacked, when serial train blasts happened in Mumbai, then too the main culprit Hafiz Saeed was put under house arrest and then set free.

Sometimes we don’t even talk…when Srilanka was uprooting LTTE we were almost quiet…This silence was golden, as it proved out to be after the results of Loksabha elections, where DMK bagged 18 out of 39 seats in Tamil Nadu. And India lost a close friend in Srilanka who is now helping China with its port plans in a Hambantota, in gratitude for the arms and ammunitions supplied to the Lankan forces.

JAAGO INDIA JAAGO… Its time to wakeup and react. We’ve been taken lightly for too long. Our patience is tested enough. Now its time to payback in the same token. JAAGO INDIA JAAGO
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