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Jul 29, 2009

Are You HAPPY...?

Are You Happy ?

Good. And what is happiness to you ?
Getting what I want and when I want it, is happiness.

What if you don’t get what you want and when you want it ?
Well then I strive for what I want.

That’s is still not what I want to know ?
Means what ?

If you are not getting what you want then are you happy ?
Off course not.

Why ?
Because my efforts are getting wasted.

Are you sure ?
Now whats that ?

Are you sure that your efforts are wasted ?

How ? If you can explain ?
Well my time, money, the physical & the emotional labors is wasted.

How are they wasted then ?
Well they are wasted because the end result is not what I want.

Is the end result important ?
Oh come..on !

No really, is the end result important ?
Yes, that’s why we all live and work…

How ?
We live to achieve the goal we set for ourselves

So these goals are the end result ?

And if we don’t get them the way we want them then ?
Then we are not happy…

So happiness is dependent on end results ?

Then we will always be unhappy
How ?

Because nobody can get everything they work for.
So ?

So do you want to be happy or unhappy always ?
Off course happy always.

Then don’t think about the end result.
That’s not possible.

Why ?
Because then we wont have any goals.

Goals and end result are different
How ?

Goal is a ‘Motivator’ and end result a ‘Trap’
How ?

Well motivator forces you to put in effort but end result traps you to only see what you get in the end.
Isn’t it more important to get what we want in the end ?

Not as much.
Why ?
Because the trap of end results takes away the happiness

What kind of happiness ?
Happiness of putting in efforts, happiness to solve difficulties, , happiness to appreciate every new thing learned while encountering problems, happiness to acknowledge our own potential of reaching this far… This is the state of being Happy always…Its in our hands…


Puneet Tandon said...

Simple yet meaningful and effective if we can imbibe. Nice!!


Anonymous said...

Somehow it seems such an easy concept yet we never get it... Any ideas.... ANYONE ?

शून्य said...

बहुत अच्छे तरीके से आपने समझाया है। वाकई लक्ष्य हमें हमेशा प्रेरणा देते हैं। लेकिन जब हम परिणाम के बारे में सोचना शुरु करते हैं तो हमारी मानसिकता भी बदल जाती है। लक्ष्य को प्राप्त करने के लिए हम मेहनत करते हैं, जी तोड़ कोशिश करते हैं। किन्तु अगर हमें फल चाहिए तो राह से भटक कर किसी भी तरह से उसे पाना चाहते हैं। भ्रमित होकर हम कुछ भी प्राप्त नहीं कर पाते। फल पाने की सनक में हम कभी खुश नहीं रह पाते क्योंकि हमें हर वक्त चिंता सताती रहती है। बहुत सरल ढंग से समझाया है आपने। अंदाज़ पसंद आया। अगर यह बात इस तरह एख संवाद के रूप में नहीं होती तो शायद बहुत बोरिंग होती। लेकिन आपकी शैली बेहद रोचक है...
एक और प्रेरणाप्रद पोस्ट

Jayasri said...

too philosophical i would say!! the question is can one actually detach himself/ herself from the efforts put in to not care in the end? its a nice concept but wouldn't work in the real world!

Anisha Saluja - Ceaseless Dawn said...

Well it is pretty true.. by taking each step in our life we learn something and we keep on improving.. that improvisation lead to a better understanding and better result and thus ultimate happiness..

Unknown said...

yeah,actually the u suggest to be happy is really you...

Unknown said...

Yeah,actually the way u suggest to be happy is u.

Anonymous said...

yoonh hi betab dil dhadkta hai, khushi mil jaati to achanak hai.

May Almighty shower on u all happiness of this world, but we must continue to strive hard to snatch happiness from all opportunities, an affectionate love

Anonymous said...

an affectionate love from sat pal

Anonymous said...

I always admire your intelligence. But sorry to say that it was a bit disappointing to see you on India TV. I believe you deserve a much better channel because you are one of the best newsreader at the moment. Still you are doing a good job on your part. Lucky to get through this blog. Now I can convey my views to you. Regards. Meenu

annie said...

kya baat hai inne comments....Lovely post..i alwayz love ur article espacially self conversation wale...kafi simple suljhe hue hotey motivates me..good article and true too

Anonymous said...

heh! it seems intersting and nice -samita

Unknown said...

happiness is like a butterfly;the more u chase it. the more it will clude you, but if u turn ur attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on ur shoulder...

vanisha said...

itz vry simple to be happy bt vry difficult to be simple...

Shuchita Vatsal said...

Great article.. Great idea….
Yes,Happiness always knocks the door when you are busy with lots of things & not seeking for it any more..
"Santoshi" aur "asthavan" hona is only key to happiness..
All incidence, circumstances & persons contribute something to our life.. They are introduced by God to make us learn what LIFE really is..
Even in darkest of dark time there is something to smile for.. Try to find that..
Failures help us choose our strategy & find real friends.. They built up our unique personality.. We must Celebrate little achievements of life.. Must be happy for we had a chance to try.. let success come its own way.. Motives don't bring happiness.. Be contented.. See life will welcome you with open arms. Don't be upset if something is over , be happy because it Happened!!

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