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Aug 31, 2009

If you were the Prime Minister ?

I am fed up now, nothing can work here, there is just too much of corruption & politics. India can never change…..

Well this is probably what lots of you may feel…So can we really change anything ? Can we make a difference ? How about putting yourself in the shoes of the Prime Minister ?

What if you are made the Prime Minister of this country ?
Never thought of being one..

Ok if you get an opportunity then ?
Then what ?

Then what can you change ?
Oh ! everything needs to change..

Fine tell me first three things ?
I will make three things compulsory..

Which three things ?
(i)Education, (ii)One year training in Defense Academy, (iii)Every Industrialist has to share 20% of their profit with the poor..

Why education ?
Because only then none can cheat the uneducated and people will have more skills for employement..

Interesting, and why one year training in Defense Academy ?
Because this will teach discipline, civic sense, and sow a seed of patriotism in every individual..

Ok and why every Industrialist need to share 20% of their profit with the poor ?
To reduce the inequalities of income in this country where rich is growing and the poor is becoming poorer…

Are these three thing enough ?
Yes to being with and well begun is half done..

Aug 25, 2009

Why leaders fail to own failures ?

India’s leading opposition party BJP is falling apart. The shocking and the second successive defeat in General elections in 2009 has shook the foundation of the party. The flag bearers of ideology on which the party was formed are restless and uncomfortable in accepting the responsibility for its declining fortunes. Why ?

Why and how is it difficult for the leaders to own up the responsibility for the failures ? Why cant they accept that their strategies have failed ? What is it that stops them from endorsing the failures the way they endorse the victories ?

We look upto our leaders for answers but none is ready to answer these questions Why ?
What stops them ?

The answer is FEAR… It’s the fear of going down in the eyes of those for whom they
can never be wrong. Fear stops from introspecting, as they have kept themselves on a pedestal where they think they can do no wrong. It’s the fear of loosing respect which they have achieved after years of saying ‘correct’ to every wrong for their leaders, on whom they have modeled themselves. Fear of loosing that false self esteem which has been inflated by the hoards of ‘Yes Men’ that always surround them.

This Fear has paralyzed not just the leaders of political parties, but also leaders of many corporate giants. It is this fear that needs to be conquered first, as it erodes not just the foundation of leadership but also the faith in it.

Aug 11, 2009

Something we always want

Acknowledgement, acceptance, appreciation, attention…

Why do we need a friend in life ?
Why do we need parents in life ?
Why do we need relations in life ?
Why do we need mentors in life ?
Why do we want to share our life ?
Friends, parents, relations, mentors and companions, they give us something.

We want this something that gives us satisfaction.
We want this something that gives us happiness.
What is this something and why do we need this something ?
This is something that makes us who we are,
Something that defines us and our attitude towards life.

It is this something that makes us feel important, needed, and wanted.
It is this something that acknowledges, accepts, appreciates our presence and existence.

Something we sometimes fail to understand or comprehend ?
As humans our basic instincts demands our presence to be acknowledged, and our doings be accepted and appreciated.And this that something that reaffirms our basic instincts.
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