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Aug 31, 2009

If you were the Prime Minister ?

I am fed up now, nothing can work here, there is just too much of corruption & politics. India can never change…..

Well this is probably what lots of you may feel…So can we really change anything ? Can we make a difference ? How about putting yourself in the shoes of the Prime Minister ?

What if you are made the Prime Minister of this country ?
Never thought of being one..

Ok if you get an opportunity then ?
Then what ?

Then what can you change ?
Oh ! everything needs to change..

Fine tell me first three things ?
I will make three things compulsory..

Which three things ?
(i)Education, (ii)One year training in Defense Academy, (iii)Every Industrialist has to share 20% of their profit with the poor..

Why education ?
Because only then none can cheat the uneducated and people will have more skills for employement..

Interesting, and why one year training in Defense Academy ?
Because this will teach discipline, civic sense, and sow a seed of patriotism in every individual..

Ok and why every Industrialist need to share 20% of their profit with the poor ?
To reduce the inequalities of income in this country where rich is growing and the poor is becoming poorer…

Are these three thing enough ?
Yes to being with and well begun is half done..


महुवा said...

Still u hv hope.....!!
Bt m dead sure it will nvr gonna happen...!!

Anisha Saluja - Ceaseless Dawn said...

I wish if we people could go out of our way to fight corruption and politics in India and put into action everything we can plan to raise our fists against it. Rarely a moment like this can come, because we ourselves are involved in corruption and encourage politics indirectly. Everybody needs to be responsible for their acts and have guts to face the consequences.

What you suggested, if implemented can help in improvisation.

Well said..

Kamal Chaturvedi said...

These three things are good enough but what about implementation after doing all this. We have laws for every thing but these are twisted and ignored every now & then for the benefit of those who are responsile to implement them.Nobody has guts to call spade a spade.Now, the use of one idiotitic phrase is very much in vogue"The politically correct statement". The laws should be implemented ruthlessly.Any country which has progressed has done it.
There is a saying "Democracy in decision making but Dictatorship in implementation".If a PM has courage do it without bothering for vote bank only then we can hope some progress.

Jayasri said...

better infrastructure, education, and more such articles by you..:-)

Anonymous said...

corruption, poverty etc are never removed from our country b'coz for all these things we are responsible.

ling_bhedi_astra said...

very immaturely written

V said...

hmm....yes sir, something has to be improoved.
Yes Education is a major tool of social development. Society cant be changed, nothing new will be happened untill the people have no understanding of their surroundings.
Secondly, i think faujees(sainiks) are nothing more, but followers! So do we want our societylike the fascists ones of hitler's germany or Zionist State? We dont. Instead we have to ensure that "people must be more responsible, aware both socialy and morally".
Third, why 20% of the profits sir, afterall whole of the money comes from us, the industrialist is a mere superviser one, so the process must be reversed, 80% with people & 20% with industrialist. Believe me, on that good day some bright light of hope, will be enjoyed by everyone."
However its really a tough job to be a primeminister or big superviser. But i like your articles sir, plz. keep the zeal on, Keep Posting!!!Best Wishes.

पवन रेखा said...

hey...its very u rememberd dialouge of DIL JALE movie "..JAB TK ES DESH ME AISE NETA RAHENGE TAB ATK ES DESH KA KABHI BHALA NAHI HO SAKTA.."SO hamari bagdor jinke hath me hai jb wahi etne corrupt hai to es desh ka kya bhala karenge..these three things are nt enough for change..firstly we shoud change the process of electing of leaders..where at least higher education is compulsry through which dey can communicate well..the candidate which hv any criminal background are is a need of sm strict law for candidates in which the discription of their properity is cmplsry..becoz if having fair image leaders are promoting to do smthing ..its being so effective nd dey can do smthing for our country..and then we change slowely everything step by step ina systematic manner..

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