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Aug 11, 2009

Something we always want

Acknowledgement, acceptance, appreciation, attention…

Why do we need a friend in life ?
Why do we need parents in life ?
Why do we need relations in life ?
Why do we need mentors in life ?
Why do we want to share our life ?
Friends, parents, relations, mentors and companions, they give us something.

We want this something that gives us satisfaction.
We want this something that gives us happiness.
What is this something and why do we need this something ?
This is something that makes us who we are,
Something that defines us and our attitude towards life.

It is this something that makes us feel important, needed, and wanted.
It is this something that acknowledges, accepts, appreciates our presence and existence.

Something we sometimes fail to understand or comprehend ?
As humans our basic instincts demands our presence to be acknowledged, and our doings be accepted and appreciated.And this that something that reaffirms our basic instincts.


Unknown said...

By writing this you made the meaning of the life more simpler ....... cheers!!
I would forward it the most so that people actually realise the importance of each other..

Anonymous said...

something is something which is an essential ingredient in every one's life. v miass something n v relish something, something .....? it is beautiful,encouraging,satisfying n credible

Anonymous said...

something is is beautiful, encouraging,satisfying n credible..........Sat Pal

Unknown said...

This something gives us that kick, we are always looking for... Now what is that we are looking for, again is that something.... So this endless topic is something which will keep going on....


rashmi said...

Something is Something which motivates us to live the life,to enjoy the life,to love the life......too nice

Anisha Saluja - Ceaseless Dawn said...

Nothing is Real.. Everything is Phony.

Anonymous said...

Something is motivate us for achieve the goal -samita

Aadarsh Rathore said...

vry true...

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