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Oct 15, 2009

Ground Zero...

What does this picture remind you…..?
Attack on World Trade Tower or Twin Towers of New York on 11.09.2001…

Now look at this picture…..What does it convey to you

All of us at some stage in life face this Ground Zero…
A moment in life… when dreams are shattered, when the heart is broken, when a goal is lost, when efforts are wasted, when reality destroys the imagination, when preparation fails to meet the opportunity, and when suddenly rather abruptly life comes to a halt…

This Ground Zero is a face-off with reality when years of hard work, patience, endurance, sacrifice, and performance looks wasted. A brutal blow shakes the foundation of towering personality built over a period of time.

I reckon Everything is over, there is nothing left to be destroyed, years of toil is soiled. Ground Zero is the only reality then…

Think about it….. Just think about it…..

Ground Zero…..! It’s a time for reality check…..?

I thank God for this Ground Zero….. this is an opportunity to restart, an opportunity to rebuild as per the new way of life. It’s a time to lay a new foundation which is stronger to face any blow…..

“Arise from ashes when the wind stops,
It can be a scratch or the first stroke on the canvas.
May be your first fall or the first step to walk,
Can be a Ground Zero….. or a beginning for a Hero.....”
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