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May 29, 2010

Unchain Thy Mind..

'Let The Mind Be Free'.. none can 'Chain The Power Of Thoughts'.. its in our hands rather its our own state of mind that lets us free or be chained by something.

A man in the jail, confined within the four walls can remain free, independent and travel miles and see what is happening around and explore all that he couldn’t. Its his will or his mind or his perception of freedom that lets him be what is termed as Free.. He was physically jailed but mentally free..

Can anyone jail or chain the mind..?

None but its we who chain the mind within the confinements of our physical experiences.. ‘Let The Mind Be Free’.. and the first step towards this freedom is accepting that Mind has its Own Universe which cannot be contained in anything physical or materialist that we can feel..

Mind is a God gifted search engine which is least researched.. Its power remain unexplored, unused and underutilized.. the faculties of mind when looked into, can take us into a new realm of existence, into an unexplored terrain which has an endless source of knowledge.. Knowledge of thyself, knowledge that cannot be imparted but can only be experienced.. Knowledge that answers questions which we never asked..

How can one experience this Knowledge.. ?

'Silence' to begin with.. its not the 'Silence Around You But The Silence Within You'.. it’s the silence where you just go quiet and tell yourself that anything physical or anything that can ever be created cannot affect you.. and then the inward journey begins.. where YOU LET THE MIND FREE.. when you don’t think but the MIND STARTS DRAWING YOU WITHIN ITS OWN REALM.. This is just the beginning and I am also trying to be drawn more within...
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