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Dec 14, 2011

FDI in Retail in India... & Corporate Social Responsibility

In India FDI or Foreign Direct Investment in retail sector is very essential… *Conditions Apply

Foreign Direct Investment can be complimented with FRIForeign Redirected Investment in bringing up the social status of this country. The Multinationals(MNCs) stepping into the retail sector can use their exposure, extent and skills in realising their Corporate Social Responsibility. This can be an important step in reducing the gap between the Haves and the ones Having less.

Essentials of Foreign Redirected Investment or the *Conditions Apply

1. MNCs in retail sector should adopt and develop 3-5 villages near the city of their major operations.

2. 50 % of the produce of the adopted villages should be consumed my these MNCs.

3. Not just the big cities but FDI should also make its way in tier 3 and tier 4 cities. They can also open small sub stores to cater to the ‘bottom of the pyramid’ in these tier 3 & 4 cities like Mangalore, Jalandhar, Kanpur, Varanasi, Allahabad, Jabalpur, Raipur, Bhilai, Baroda, Nasik, Rajkot, Jammu, Dehradoon, Kasauli, Rishikesh and many more.

4. These MNCs should only hire Indians, after training from their respective foreign staff for about two months (this time is enough for training the Indian employees, will also add to the exposure of the foreign staff).

5. Existing retail outlets around the areas of the expected Foreign retail outlets, should be moved to other scattered areas of the cities. The state government should assist their relocation. This will help the local retail stores expecting losses due to the bigger chain of foreign retail establishments. It will also assist in reducing the economic disparity of the areas.

6. These small Indian retailer can be given tax benefit in direct or indirect taxes, to match the competition created due economies of large scale selling by foreign retailers.

7. A mandatory condition can be laid on foreign retailers to use the products made in India for 80% of their selling.

8. Also the services of these foreign retailers can be used in Public Service Departments like, Railway stations& Trains, Army canteens, stores in big public sector organizations. This will not only improve quality but also a healthy competition will be created to supply the best.

India and Indians need to protect their interest and that can only be done, by being selfish in the interest of the Nation. In the era of fierce Globalization, once again we can not be looted by a new form of East India Company (MNC). These Foreign companies are knocking India's door because they see an opportunity, we have failed to capitalize on. Invitation card to these companies should be an invitation for equal growth of the country and not the individual growth of the Multi National Company.

Oct 24, 2011

Wake Up.. Its a Breaking News..

"Aankhen kholo India" (Wakeup India) As I get ready to show the viewers what’s making news, there’s a Breaking news unmaking me. My co-host will be late and I have to pitch in for another hour. Anchoring for one extra hour before Sunrise is letting the powers within my stomach to rise. Power of Nature to call and knock the walls of my intestines. This extended schedule of early morning News show is always full of news action and my bowel movement action. And no commercial breaks within news segments are enough for anyone to rush and relieve themselves. Please note most of the Media employees are regular victims of IBS which is not Indian Business School but IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME.

Anchoring is a spiritual experience, you have to contain the chaos within (here the chaos is in my intestines) yet manage the chaos outside, which is termed in media as BREAKING NEWS. So here comes THE BREAKING NEWS of the day Gaddafi is shot dead and so am I, with cold waves coming in from the air conditioning ducts in the studio. I often wonder why we never use the astrological instincts of our AC maintenance guy Sunil, He can have perfect recipes for our channel's everyday serving of Morning Fortune Cookies. Sunil exactly knows the right conditions to torture us, his timing to freeze the studio when we our down with cold or fever is spot on and then he shuts down the AC plant when we are sweating in humid summers.

Well its winters and Sunil has frozen the studio, so as I clean my nose and with a smile move on to the story of High court verdict on Noida extension land fiasco, I receive the verdict of my anchoring extension, as there has been a guest coordination fiasco. Now my cohost will anchor from the news room and I shall remain in the studio in the midst of action of news and my bowel movement.

“Aaankhe kholo India” (wake up India) I am suppose to repeat this sentence with every new anchor read, so as I say it for the fiftieth time in last fifteen minutes, it seems that this line is not for India but for the ones waking up India, that is we The Anchors who are notorious for the late night outings, The Producers who are notorious for their frustration because of endless night shifts, The Cameraman who after the night shift is sleeping in the studio right behind the camera and then finally its a wake up call to our esteemed TRP viewers who are trying to understand how so many channels are trying so hard to be different.

Oct 16, 2011

MSD.. The Leader rise again ?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni... Can he lead anymore?
There comes a stage in every leader's life when he loses that middas touch, which made him the Goldsmith off sorts and then begins the downfall. His team loses its sheen. Some Members of the team live more in the hope of leading the team then following the leader; some live too much on past laurels and are too complacent to let the flow of any fire in the belly.

The Leader is no longer leading but following a new plan of defeat. Earlier every decision of MSD was considered as a stroke of a master and now those very decisions are attributed to the luck factor.

Where has the Leader with guts disappeared? Where has those skills gone? Why is not anything clicking?

The answer lies in the experience of other Leaders in various fields. These are the Leaders, known to lead in the good times and not so good times. Yes… not so good times because there are no bad times in a Good Leader's life. He knows it well that if he is not able to stand then he might not fall either; he will just sit down for a while.

The keys to Leader’s success are…
1. His ability to reflect and accept his shortcomings.
2. Not becoming predictable or not repeating himself.
3. Attitude to involve in decision-making, and dissolve in executing it.
4. Grooming fresh legs that can walk when old ones are tired.
5. Having self-belief that he can use all of the above and may be innovate some more.

There is a huge difference between an individual who chooses to be a leader and an individual on whom leadership is forced on. The former is flexible and eager to learn and innovate, thus conquering new peaks with his leadership skills. While the latter runs of out ideas and men in his quest to remain on one peak. Hopefully, MSD falls in the former category.

Aug 16, 2011

Jaaga Hindustan..!

Jashn-e-Azaadi hai,
Anna ki ye Aandhi hai..

Phir dhika ek naya Josh hai,
Bahar aaya har-ek mein Rosh hai,
Na jaane kahan gaya Unka(Sarkaar) Hosh hai...

Nikley hain wo, jo layen Toofaan hai,
Sambhal jao, Sambhal jao,
Yeh janta hai, Janardan hai,
Iske aagye bhaagey kai Shaitaan hai..

Feb 25, 2011

Let the COO Plan..

Looking at life I always wonder how come some plan and do what

they plan..While others plan and do something different..

Why and how does it happens, who is the fortunate one, the one who gets what he planned or the one who gets other than his plan..

It’s an uneven pattern of life, better known to the Final Planner.. The COO of our lives..
This Chief Operating Officer does and knows whats in store..

There are ones who do and get as planned, they are considered fortunate because they get what they decide but that can also mean that they are in sink with the COO’s plan and moving on the course decide by him..
The ones who plan and end up with something else unknown to them are the lucky ones too.. They may not be in sink with the COO but they end up doing what he desires.. He guides them, pulls them and brings them to the course decided for them..

None can know and decide who is fortunate till he accepts what the COO does and what he does is the best.. OM SAI RAM

Feb 9, 2011


Passion is not a Word but a World in itself..
It brings the best from the self..

Passion is not a Reaction but an all out Action..
It sees no bounds and brings every Emotion.

Passion is not just a Thought but an Instinct..
It withstands all and none can Resist.

Passion, Passion and some more Passion..
Its all I have and let their be some more Passion.
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