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Feb 25, 2011

Let the COO Plan..

Looking at life I always wonder how come some plan and do what

they plan..While others plan and do something different..

Why and how does it happens, who is the fortunate one, the one who gets what he planned or the one who gets other than his plan..

It’s an uneven pattern of life, better known to the Final Planner.. The COO of our lives..
This Chief Operating Officer does and knows whats in store..

There are ones who do and get as planned, they are considered fortunate because they get what they decide but that can also mean that they are in sink with the COO’s plan and moving on the course decide by him..
The ones who plan and end up with something else unknown to them are the lucky ones too.. They may not be in sink with the COO but they end up doing what he desires.. He guides them, pulls them and brings them to the course decided for them..

None can know and decide who is fortunate till he accepts what the COO does and what he does is the best.. OM SAI RAM

Feb 9, 2011


Passion is not a Word but a World in itself..
It brings the best from the self..

Passion is not a Reaction but an all out Action..
It sees no bounds and brings every Emotion.

Passion is not just a Thought but an Instinct..
It withstands all and none can Resist.

Passion, Passion and some more Passion..
Its all I have and let their be some more Passion.
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