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Feb 9, 2011


Passion is not a Word but a World in itself..
It brings the best from the self..

Passion is not a Reaction but an all out Action..
It sees no bounds and brings every Emotion.

Passion is not just a Thought but an Instinct..
It withstands all and none can Resist.

Passion, Passion and some more Passion..
Its all I have and let their be some more Passion.


Dr Shuchita Vatsal said...

Nice poem... Passion is the best virtue, to be possessed,in this world. It lets us dream of something & aim high.Dreams make life beautiful & worth living..It always gives courage to achieve best from self & best from the world..

Anisha Saluja - Ceaseless Dawn said...

because Life’s other name is Passion too.. my fav. line is “It sees no bounds and brings every Emotion”.. there are beautiful poetry’s coming from your hand.. I appreciate them all and cannot do else then smile :)..
blessings to you on your efforts..

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