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May 29, 2012

IPL .. Management lessons from KKR’s win

IPL .. Champions of ‘Indian Premier League’ have a right mix of INDIVIDUALS, PERSISTENCE & LEADERSHIP.




KKR’s win in season five of IPL proves that IPL is a case study for the bright leaders of today & tomorrow. Sharukh Khan’s KKR has been in the company of the most profitable IPL teams from the very first season in 2008. The reasons behind are its owners and their Glamour factor rather than its players and their standings on performance meter. In IPL season 1 & season 3 out of the eight teams Kolkata Knight Riders finished at sixth position and in IPL 3 KKR was at the bottom of the table.

So how did the things changed? What is the Magic formula of KKR?

‘IPL ‘is the key to success and this has been KKR’s magic formula.

I= INDIVDUALS. As Gautam Gambhir rightly pointed out after the win it’s the individuals who make a winning team. KKR after poor outings in first three IPLs focused on building a good team and spent money on buying men/players that can bring in the change. It started with their Captain Gautam Gambhir who was bought in IPL season 4. McCullum , Jacque Kallis, Manvinder Singh Bisla, Shakib Al Hassan, Laxmipati Balaji, Sunil Narine, Manoj Tiwari, Rajat Bhatia, Bret Lee are the players whose individual brilliance lifted the overall performance of the team.

P= PERSISTENCE. The reason KKR won IPL was because of Sharukh Khan and his team management’s Persistence. It is this persistence that brought in the change. In the begining their inexperience made them do things which were erratic but this inexperience was part of the experience for their victory plans. Their persistence resulted in Gautam Gambhir’s inclusion in the team as captain in IPL Season 4, and for the first time they finished in top four teams in 2011.

L= LEADERSHIP. A good team with average Leader cannot be a champion. Gautam Gambhir and Mahendra Singh Dhoni have proved that a good leadership can get the best out of average individuals too. For KKR Gautam Gambhir was able to execute what Saurav Ganguli could not. He led from the front, batted like a champion, instilled belief and team spirit in the brilliant set of individuals.

So its the right mix of IPL (Individuals, Persistence & Leadership) that won IPL for Kolkata Knight riders.
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