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Jun 12, 2012

Incentives for the Presidential Post..

What can you ask from a Finance minister who wants to be the President of the country.. ?

Or What is the price (incentive) to become the President of the country..? Rupees 2 lakh crore + Rupees 72000 crore = Rupees 2 lakh 72 thousand crore.. ! Calculation of this price is known as 'Political Management' in this country, and Pranab Da's meeting with West Bengal's finance minister Amit Mitra in Kolkata was a step in this Political Management. The meeting between the two Finance Ministers resulted in a win-win situation, with Didi giving her consent for Dada's Presidential nomintaion. It seems that even the Center would bail out Mamta's Govt from its financial debt worth Rupees 2 lakh Crore.

Can it be infered that Pranab Da's nomination for Presidential elections are resulting in 'Political Management' that seemed imposible till few months ago ? Pranab Da and his bete noir did meet on the issue of bailout package in Novemeber last year, and after the meeting West Bengal's Cheif Minister was catagorical in her statement.. "Nothing substantial came out. This type of meeting was also held in the past". But now there seems to be a substantial give and take, as the Presidential post is at stake.

The new found chemistry between Pranab Mukharjee and Mamta Banerjee was full of chemical reactions for a Mamta was up in arms against the Union Finance Minister for..

1. Pension Bill, which was deferred and probably can see the light only when she needs the pension.

2. Hike in Railway fares, which led to a rollback of the Railway Minister from TMC.

3. Fuel prices, which were directly proportional to Mamta Didi's pressure rather than pressure of International crude oil prices.

4. FDI in retail, as TMC cadre was out on streets in wholesale.

But now Didi and Dada are ready to hold eachothers hand, rather fold their own hands for the post of Mr President.

Its a combo pack of Mamta & Mulayam that will make Dada a real Dada of the Indian Republic. The Samajwadi Party has an electoral college of over 68,000 votes with 30 MPs and 225 legislators while the Trinamool Congress has around 48,000 votes.

Mulayam after fighting it out against Congress in UP elections, stunned everyone as a guest of honour in UPA II third anniversary dinner. The new freindship resulted in Congress not putting up a candidate against UP CM's wife Dimple Yadav in Kannauj Loksabha byelection. Undoubtedly Politics is about sacrificing small gains for a long-term goal, and now the specifics of this Goal are out in open.

UP CM Akhilesh Yadav too presented a wishlist worth Rupees 72000 crores to the Prime Minister and more than he needs this money, its his party's votes that are needed for the Presidential elections.
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