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May 23, 2013

Empower Her.. She Empowers us..

Poorva is the new face of evolving society which has accepted women in roles traditionally dominated by males. She is 26 and prefers to drive rather sit at home & wait for her wedding day. She is one of the bread earners of the family and commands the same respect as the other earning member of the house, who is her father.

She left studies after failing her 12th board exams, but her exposure to life as a cab driver also made her understand the need for education.

I was fascinated to see how women in this part of the country are respected, supported and encouraged to take up responsibilities. Mumbai dignifies the role of a woman in the society. I could never imagine a lady driving a cab in Delhi, which ironically is not just the Capital of the country but also the Capital of Crime against Women in the country, for which we cant just blame the Police or the System. Yes blaming these two does takes away the responsibility of an individual who owes it to the society.

How else can we justify and remain silent on the molestation of a female journalist in the midst of a protest for the rape victim who lost her life due to brutality of the culprits. At Jantar Mantar that day this young female journalist too raised her voice and also tried to raise her hand at the molester but he succeeded in taking the cover of the same crowd which gathered to raise their voice against the abuse of women. She was a young journalist yet nobody helped her. Finally she had to vent out the incident on Twitter, where too she was bombarded with questions which made her appear more like a culprit than a victim.

There is atleast one Poorva in every house and we can empower many, but is our society ready for it. Collectively have we have to kill the inner demons that demeans the role of Women in our System?


Pratha Chaturvedi said...

true, very true .. I so truly believe in these lines of yours "There is atleast one Poorva in every house and we can empower many, but is our society ready for it." ..

Unknown said...

i agree with you sir. But our male dominated society is ever going to understand women empowerment?

Unknown said...

I totally agree with you sir. But is our male dominated society ever going to understand this 'women empowerment'?

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