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May 16, 2013

What Motivates &.. When you Lose It ?

One question.. which often clouds the mind when you are Down, when you are Low, when you are Shattered, when you are Hurt, when you are Broken, when you are Hopeless, when your are Helpless, when you feel that You Have come to an End .. is WHAT CAN MOTIVATE ME ?

What can Motivate ? or What Motivates ? Is this really the right question ? because if it is then why you are Down ?  Why you are Low ? Why you are Shattered ? Why you are Hurt ? Why you are Broken ? Why you are Hopeless ? Why you are Helpless ? Why you think you have come to an End ?
Even when you know the answer to the Question What can Motivate ? or What Motivates?  You will still be clouded with any or all of the above feelings and however you may know what can motivate you, YOU STILL TEND TO LOSE IT !


Lets first define Motivation.. MOTIVATION is a FEELING which DRIVES you to an OBJECTIVE. If we go by the same definition then YOU LOSE MOTIVATION when you LOSE OUT either on FEELING or on DRIVE or on both of them, this happens because of DISTRACTIONS which affect your SELF-IMAGE.

The answer to the BIG QUESTION.. WHY YOU LOSE MOTIVATION? is because of DISTRACTIONS which affect your SELF-IMAGE.

All of us have created a SELF-IMAGE which usually is bigger than our REAL SELF. We love living for this IMAGE, we keep feeding this IMAGE with achievable GOALS or OBJECTIVES, and these motivate us.

 In simple words we are MOTIVATED for an Objective because it improves our SELF-IMAGE. Thus, we LOSE MOTIVATION by a DISTRACTION, which directly or indirectly affects our SELF-IMAGE and stops us from achieving our OBJECTIVE.

The SOLUTION to keep yourself constantly MOTIVATED is to ignore the DISTRACTIONS and accept your REAL SELF, the way GOD has made you. This REAL-SELF is far more beautiful and real than the SELF-IMAGE you have created. 

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Dr Shuchita Vatsal said...

True sir,we should always admire our Real self.And we would turn out to be best.
We are sent in this world for a distinct purpose with distinct identity.We all possess requisites to execute a God's set plan.
God believes in "Perfection".
If he has given us a distinct indentity.
Then,that Identity would definitly be "Perfect"for that purpose.
We all are exclusive & best in our own style!!
Keep writing!
Shuchita Vatsal

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