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Nov 9, 2015

Bihar Elections Verdict & Astrology Show's Popularity are Connected!

As we try to comprehend the verdict of Bihar Elections 2015, an interesting report on TRPs or Television Rating Points is out. As per this report Astrology shows are once again performing well on news channels and some of the leading news channels have started giving importance to astro shows.

It may appear weird but this TRP report and the verdict of Bihar elections have a connection!

During the campaigning for the Lok Sabha elections 2014 and then 4-5 months after the formation of the Modi Government, viewers were glued to news channels keeping track of every statement by the Prime Minister. Every policy decision and every reaction of the leading political party was regularly reported & eagerly watched by the people who voted for the change and wanted to see the change they were promised. Editors were thumping their chest with a placard reading “News is back”. Astro shows almost disappeared from the programming list of leading news channels and the future of entertainment shows on news channels also looked bleak. Viewers voted for the change and on news channels they wanted to know every bit of change the Centre Government was planning to bring in their lives.

Gradually the honeymoon period of the new government got over. Prime Minister's screen presence became more entertaining than informing, his ‘mann ki baat’ appealed more to his own ‘mann’, his trips abroad outnumbered his trips to the needy in India, policy statements of the government turned into rhetorics. Suddenly viewers started showing their back to news on news channels. Thus came in the change from “News is Back” to News being shown the back of the viewers. Faith of the viewer started shifting from the Institution of Government to the Constellation of Stars(Astrology), resulting in the rise of TRPs of astro shows on news channels.

So here is the connect between the verdict of Bihar elections and the rising TRPs of Astro shows.

In 2014 Lok Sabha elections people of Bihar voted with high hopes for a change but in one and a half year, policies of Centre Government failed to win their ‘mann’, and their faith shifted to what affected their Stars in the past. They have entrusted their Constellation of Stars on the Combination of Cast & Religion. Thus giving a mandate in favour of Mahagathbandhan.

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