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Nov 12, 2015

Tipu Sultan & the intolerant BJP!

48 hours after BJPs massive defeat in Bihar, violence erupts in Karnataka over the birth centenary of Tipu Sultan as BJP, RSS & VHP opposed the celebrations by Congress led government in the state. It is shocking and there are questions that must be answered by the party leading the country right now.

1. Was this violent opposition really needed?

2. Is this opposition not ironical when the Prime Minister has just reiterated 'Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas aur Sabka Nyay'?

3. Has this opposition not tarnished the image of our country in front of the world, which is already talking about intolerance in India?

4. Tipu Sultan died more than 200 years ago. Why to dig in the past now?

These questions are enough to indicate how BJP's chariot is moving towards chaos as its horses run in different directions.

Karnataka BJP state president Prahlad Joshi blatantly ignored Prime Minister Modi's call for 'Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas Aur Sabka Nyaay', as massive protests erupted against the birth centenary of Tipu Sultan, resulting in violence that killed few and injured many. It's not possible that BJP's state leadership can ignore or go against the command of its Prime Minister but in Karnataka they did. They were strongly backed by RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal. So should we conclude that even Prime Minister's word can be ignored if some ideology is backed by RSS, VHP & Bajarang Dal.

Our country is already defamed with allegations of intolerance and such protests are adding more to this fire. BJP has already burnt its hands in the same fire in Bihar. As party's senior leader and finance minister Arun Jaitley recently admitted that "irresponsible statements made during elections changed the narrative" in Bihar elections. Yet BJP's Karnataka unit is irresponsibly intolerant for someone who died more than 200 years ago.

Can anyone change the history? Tipu Sultan is just one of the characters in India's long history but how relevant is he for the present India that such a violence is needed to protest his birth centenary. Ironically this protest has rather popularised him and now the youth will surely look into his history. We can not change history and if someone wants to ignore it, then its better not to dig into it. Digging into the history will only add to its recall value and take your focus away from future.

To move into the future BJP must not live in the history, as everyone's history has some dark shades which are better left as they are.


Food Hygiene Training UK said...

bhakts will go after you now!

Demented mind from a mofussil town said...

I agree, somewhere we all need to draw a line as far as past is concerned. Question is where

Biswajit said...

Is it not correct that Tipu was born on Nov 20th , We need to understand the timing , why its being celebrated on 10th Nov what are the motives behind it , One Hand Can't Clap ( there is something fishy in the motives of the current Karnataka Govt , which is initiating celebrations for the first time )

Unknown said...

समझ नही आता यह सरकार चाहती क्या हैं । इस तरह का माहौल देश और इनकी विदेश से पैसा लाने कि नीती दोनों को खत्म कर देगा । एक समय मैं मोदी समर्थक था आज उनका धुर विरोधी हूँ और आज मैं ही नही बहुत
से मोदी समर्थक उनके खिलाफ हो चुके हैं और उसका कारण साफ हैं बस मोदी सरकार को देखना पड़ेगा वरना विपक्ष में बैठने को तैयार रहैं ।

Unknown said...

PM and his BJP needs to be freed from RSS, then only India will become a tolerant nation

Unknown said...

Very well said Nishant!! BJP/ RSS has to understand the structure of India. We are proud to live in a country which has so many religions and traditions grow under one roof. If a factory run buy a Hindu, workers may be Muslims, supervisor may be Christian and the supplier could be Sikh, this is beauty of our nation and its one of itself arrangement in entire world.. BJP govt has to really come clear on their thinking and ideology - how they really wanted to identify themselves? What they want to achieve and what is their prime agenda - development or religion superiority?

Does they really wanted to make this great nation a "HINDU ONLY NATION"? Then we need to see our neighbour country that what happened when you make a country basis a particular religion. Now they fight on Shia/ Sunni and caste line. Fanatic elements always need some points to argue rather fight.

But I still believe on Modi, his personality and management skills. I think he will manage this issue very soon. Bihar loss was big setback for him in many ways - he could be more stronger if he wins the election (the more strength/ power he capture better for him to handle RSS and its affiliates).

It's time to reconsider the direction of our country. Youth doesn't want to live in past rather optimistic future. How it matters to me if I take my flight from tipu sultan airport or Chatrapati shivaji. Tipu sultan was definitely not the invader!! It's awaken call for all of us.

Dr. Naval Kumar (Homeo Clinic) said...

Rather than focusig on mot important issues like (price rise,pollution touching deadly levels,food adultrations and pesticides in food making our generations sick,safe water is a bigget issue,rising crime in cities,) that poor people of India are suffering ...Media and political partie are looking for flashy news like this,kindly help the civilians by focuing on important issues and not by giving importance to these issues..

vriksharaj said...

Every day, a new controversial issue which may not be of any significant value in today's context is raised by the ever increasing list of motormouths in the country fomenting trouble, demonstrations,accusations and counter-accusations and violence. Their mouths should be taped permanently to shut them up.

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