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Jan 20, 2016

Indian Cricket team or Indisciplined Cricket team ?

India loses its fourth consecutive match against unstoppable Australia. Steve Smith's team has not lost an ODI since November 2014 and these four wins against Indian team has taken the tally of Austrailian team to 18 consecutive ODI wins. The obvious question is why Indian team is not being able to do something like this? Why do we have a losing record and not a winning one?

Its not just about team Dhoni or team Virat or team India in cricket. Teams in India are rarely teams with discipline and this attitude of not following rules or systems extend to many more fields. No wonder 'Jugard' is one of our favorite terms. Successive defeats in Cricket is just the reflection of our common problem.

Just look at the way our bowlers are bowling in the entire series, just look at the way the young batsmen are throwing their wickets, just observe how poor our fielding is & how easily the catches are being dropped. Same common problems we have by following traffic rules on road, by not keeping our country clean, by encouraging corruption at all the levels. Indiscipline has become our signature and at  most of the occasions it's an honorific for our names.

So before we correct our game its time to correct our names.

Jan 13, 2016

Masood Azhar in Protective Custody but Peshawar School attackers were Hanged !

The mastermind behind Pathankot terror attacks and JEM chief Maulana Masood Azhar is arrested.

Indeed this arrest is a proof of action taken by Pakistan PM Navaz Sharif and his chemistry with the Indian PM Narendra Modi. Terror attacks in Pathankot and the one near Indian Embassy in Afghanistan were just eight days after PM Modi's surprise visit to Pakistan on PM Sharif's birthday. There are enough proofs that these attacks were well coordinated by Pak Army, ISI and JEM, so the arrest of Masood Azhar also proves how Pak PM has resisted the domestic pressure of Pak Army.

The big question remains will the perpetrators of terror be brought to justice in Pakistan or Masood Azhar will also be released the way Hafiz Sayeed was released after his arrest, when India gave the proof of  his involvement in 26/11 attacks. Like Masood Azhar, even then Hafiz Sayeed was also taken into protective custody, and now he is roaming free hand in glove with Pak Army, directing terror actors for Indian soil.

Pakistan must remember that the terror actors of Peshawar School attack were not taken into Protective Custody but Hanged.

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